Fitness Courses

Fitness Course

Caduceus Excellence in fitness education(CEFE) academy is for those who want to know about health and fitness, to upgrade the fitness knowledge, to give professional training to the clients such as correcting the postural imbalance, teaching proper exercise technique through scientific methodology and post-rehabilitation fitness.

Fitness Instructor Course (Level-1 & 2)

Caduceus Certified fitness instructor (CCFI) course is an initiation to acquire basic health and fitness knowledge for everyone and also specifically for those who wish to start a career in the health and fitness industry. In this course, you will gain knowledge about exercise science(Anatomy, Kinesiology, Nutrition, Exercise Physiology), health and fitness assessment, health psychology and exercise techniques.

  • Duration: 6 weeks(Weekly Twice)
  • Total Hours: 36 hours
  • Batch: Weekdays / Weekend

International Certification Courses

We also conduct preparatory courses for International certifications such as ACE and ACSM. It includes both theory and practical sessions for an extensive understanding, as well as preparatory exams with international patterns.

  • Duration:12 weeks (Weekly Twice)
  • Total Hours: 3hours/session

Fitness Instructors

Duration : 6 weeks(Weekly Twice)
Total Hours : 36
Class Duration : 3hours/day
Mon - Sun : 9.00PM - 8.00PM
Batch: Weekdays / Weekend

International Certification Courses

Duration : 12 weeks(Weekly Twice)
Total Hours : 82
Class Duration : 3hours/session
Mon - Sun : 9.00PM - 8.00PM
Batch: Weekdays / Weekend