Successful therapy to us means active lifestyles, injury free bodies and helping you reach every fitness and performance goal you set. We analyze movement, predict injury risk, determine areas of potential injury, address strength imbalances, improve posture and mobility and enhance performance and overall health. Basically, we do whatever it takes to help you feel better, move and perform better.

Physiotherapy Details

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Mon - Sat 10am to 9pm
Sun : 10.00PM - 1.00PM
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Postural alignment -Realign your posture

A postural alignment is a therapeutic approach using a series of simple stabilization exercises and different stretching modalities to correct soft tissue and improve postural maintenance based on the person’s posture imbalance and chronic pain.

The postural corrective exercises help to eliminate chronic pain and return your body to its normal functional position and lead a pain-free life. We assess your posture, movement, flexibility, core, balance and gait to analyze your functional abilities based on which we design a corrective exercise program depending upon your needs and demands.

Sports Rehabilitation

Sports Rehabilitation Fitness helps to works with athletes to treat various sports injuries and design rehabilitative exercise protocols to restore the normal functions of the body and helps them move to a higher athletic performance.

Geriatric Fitness

Geriatric fitness is for older adults, which is highly important for them to maintain an independent active lifestyle. We design specific exercise programs for each older adults according to their needs and their health & fitness status. We also take group fitness classes for older adults and make it fun, enjoyable and also create an environment for social interaction which helps improve their psychological well being.

Women's Wellness

Women wellness is about taking care of their overall health through designing and implementing an appropriate exercise program for each woman. We design programs for most common medical conditions for women such as primary osteoporosis, pre and post natal, arthritis, obesity etc..